Amidst the value creation of medium-sized companies!

Medium-sized companies are the innovation and growth engines of our economy.

We are very selective when it comes to choosing potential investee companies and invest a lot of attention and resources in

  • finding,
  • acquiring and
  • developing

suitable companies that are often not even offered on the market.

Why medium-sized companies?

The purchase prices for private mid-cap companies, particularly industrial champions, are only around 20% (!) of the valuation of comparable companies on the stock market.

Each of these companies would be a very worthwhile investment in itself, but these companies do not reach critical size on their own.

Therefore, we integrate these companies into ARQET Holding, thereby creating sufficient volume to achieve an attractive return on capital as well as the IPO

Benefits of investing in medium-sized companies.

Investing in mid-cap industrial champions in the German-speaking countries offers our investors advantages that cannot be found in other capital investments, or not to the same extent.

As a result, we offer our investors a whole range of benefits

  1. Access to mid-cap industrial champions who are
  2. are niche and technology leaders,
  3. in the most successful technological hub
  4. in one of the richest regions in the world,
  5. with solid mid-cap family virtues and
  6. leading technologies, and
  7. top engineers with top work ethics.