Amidst the value creation of medium-sized companies!

Medium-sized companies are the innovation and growth engines of our economy.

ARQET is managed with the owner’s long-term perspective – this is the key to long-term strategic success.

We are very selective when it comes to selecting potential investment companies, and invest a lot of attention and resources in finding, acquiring and developing suitable companies that are often not offered on the market.

Why medium-sized companies?

These are already developed companies, which have large hidden reserves in the form of untapped development potential… With the right leadership they outperform the market and also much larger companies.

By optimizing processes, using financial synergies and adapting to the latest technologies, great success can be expected in a short time.

Companies of this size have good and stable growth potential, which can be realized with dedication and good financial resources.

Companies of this size are largely uncoupled from the volatility of the stock market.

In the opinion of the management, medium-sized companies deliver stable earnings on an ongoing basis with a balanced calculable risk.


  • acquires competitive medium-sized companies in the course of succession arrangements (if a successor is missing, ARQET acquires up to 100% of the company in question and staffs the management).
  • makes its affiliates fit for the future by integrating them into a powerful group, optimizing processes, applying the latest technologies and creating strong synergies in purchasing, sales, logistics, digitalization, finance, HR, development and innovation to improve results.
  • uses opportunities for expansion in existing and new markets of all its portfolio companies and consistently seizes growth opportunities in form of strategic acquisitions.
  • works in a focussed and personally committed manner – ARQET employees staff management and executive positions in all associated companies.