Amidst the value creation of medium-sized companies!

The ARQET holding company invests in majority stake of up to 100% of established & healthy medium-sized companies with 250-1000 employees (lower mid-caps) in the German-speaking region out of succession arrangements, integrates these corporates into the group and thereby achieves even better performance and higher growth.

ARQET holds the affiliated companies in the group for an indefinite period.

The reasons for acquisitions are:

  • succession arrangement,
  • Intention to change amongst shareholders,
  • corporate spin-off.

Our acquisition radar:

  • Companies with approx. 250 – 1.000 employees
  • Established companies in established markets (no start-ups)
  • Headquarters in German-speaking countries
  • Exclusively majority shareholdings up to 100%
  • Stable equity
  • Low financial debt
  • Above-average potential for value growth

Basically open to all industries, but manufacturing and/or technical companies preferred!