Tranquillity is strength

Why Permanent Capital is ideal for value creation in the Mittelstand

ARQET Permanent Capital Private Equity

The Permanent Capital model has many advantages

  • Permanent Capital works as the total* capital is invested rather than investing and devesting in preset periods of time
  • Permanent Capital allows for sustainable product and technology innovation that leads to sustainable growth rather than limiting the holding period to 4-5 years
  • Permanent Capital takes advantage of the German business location through continuity
  • Investments in Permanent Capital vehicles have been rising strongly since 2018, as an al-ternative or complement to closed-end models, especially among family offices

Permanent Capital is like a reservoir that draws its strength from tranquillity!

ARQET at a glance

  • Focus on Green Tech, Smart Technology and Health Care sectors that show growth for the next years and decades
  • Focus on hidden champions with technology and product innovations in strong niches, preferably family businesses
  • Geographic focus Germany with headquarters in Munich
  • ARQET’s investment model encourages and offers the founders the opportunity to remain connected with their own company

* The necessary liquidity reserve of 5-10% is to be deducted

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