Tranquillity is strength

Why Permanent Capital is ideal for value creation in the Mittelstand

Differentiated approach in this new era

ARQET focuses on:

  • Acquisition and long-term development of German mid-cap companies
  • Preference for hidden champions from family successions
  • Sectors are Green Tech, Smart Technology and Health Care

ARQET stands for:

  • Best Future Owner
  • Sustainable value creation through the structural power of the Permanent Capital model
  • Strategy, Sales, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Leadership and ESG
  • No fixed holding period for our investee companies
  • Focus on sustainable corporate development, not limited by investment cycle
  • Reinvestment of earnings in the expansion of the “New Hidden Champions”

Permanent Capital model stands for:

  • Total* invested capital at work
  • Permanent Capital promotes product and technology innovation
  • Continuity of value enhancement and sustainable growth

* Apart from the liquidity reserve