Amidst the value creation of medium-sized companies!

Many mid-cap companies in the D.A.CH. region that have very successfully achieved niche and technology leadership, so-called industrial champions, cannot continue to grow on their own.

Many of these companies are excellently positioned, are often family-owned and can be acquired in the context of succession planning, provided one has the right access. Through our activities, we know many excellent mid-cap companies in the German speaking countries.

However, our aim is long-term strong growth and we want to lead these companies into a new “era”. We acquire these companies directly from the owner, integrate them in the ARQET Holding and very carefully develop earning power and competitiveness.


  • ARQET focuses on profitable production and technology-driven mid-cap companies in the German speaking countries, each with 250 – 1000 employees, as well as industry-related services.
  • The experienced operational team implements long-term proven strategies and concepts to increase value, for example through fitness programmes and industrial digitalization,
  • ARQET relies on sustainable growth strategies that make us the most profitable, fastest-growing mid-cap investment group in the German speaking countries, and
  • the IPO of ARQET Holding will generate massive increases in value.